Maison Du Ski

Maison Du Ski Bike & Outdoor started its operation in 1983 with a small retail location in Kfardebian, in the heart of Lebanese mountain. this small retail shop gained rapidly reputation and became a major player in the skiing industry in Lebanon. In 1985, Maison Du Ski Bike & Outdoor relocated into a bigger outlet on the main gate to the two most famous ski resorts (Mzaar Kfardebian and Faqra Kfardebian).

about-facade-dd7bca6614fd3cae6cda566fd849d12eMaison du Ski Bike & Outdoor activities aren’t limited to Ski sports only but they overpass it to reach almost every kind of sports that could be practiced in Lebanon, our company’s love for outdoor sports has made of it one of the important organizers of several trekking events that took place in Lebanese Highest Mountains. As for biking and due to the fact that we deal with SCOTT  brand in Lebanon , we were the sponsors of the three times Lebanese Junior champions, without forgetting to mention our collaboration with several outdoor adventure clubs in Lebanon.